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5 Exciting Reasons to Join The New StreamSets Community Platform Today

By Posted in Data Integration September 2, 2021

StreamSets Community

The Big News: The StreamSets Community

StreamSets is excited to announce a project we have been working on for some time in service of our amazing community. We have launched our new Community Platform! The new platform will bridge the gap between our peer-to-peer forum and support knowledge base articles giving members deep access to the knowledge and experts needed to succeed. However, there is much more than just documentation to be excited about, I have put together these five reasons on why you should join the StreamSets Community.   . 

5 Things You Should Be Excited About:

  • Learn from the experts (Bridging the gap)
  • Help us build a community of data rockstars
  • Foster and Contribute to a caring and inclusive culture
  • Rank up to become an official Data Rock Star.
  • Network with like minded professionals

1. Bridging the Gap: Community Forum & Knowledge Base 

With our new community platform, members are now able to create and submit questions and engage in conversations, while looking through extensive knowledge base articles. It’s never been easier to find the information and expertise you really need. New use case? We’ve also been creating new support knowledge base articles and threads to get you started. You can find everything you need to get up and running quickly building pipelines with SteamSets DataOps Platform

2. Building a Rock Star Community 

With this new Community Platform, members are now able to: 

  • Search for relevant topics and knowledge base articles
  • Network meaningfully
  • Share best practices
  • Learn and expand their knowledge 
  • Rank up to become an official Data Rock Star

Sign up and create your profile today to join the conversation.

3. Be Part of a Helpful and Caring Community

The StreamSets Community is a global community of data engineers who set out to learn, share, and expand their DataOps skills. We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free, equitable and inclusive community experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form. We take our policy seriously and will take direct action to support the integrity of our community. Our hope is that all members feel welcomed and comfortable to ask questions no matter how large or small. Each StreamSets community member has joined to learn, share, and grow their knowledge. 

StreamSets Community

4. Rank up!

Earn points, badges, and rank up through asking questions, starting conversations, creating content to be converted into Knowledge Base articles. Also, climb the ranks by helping others by answering questions, liking topics, and contributing to meaningful conversations.  

Be sure to always mark the correct answer as the “Best answer” to strengthen our community knowledge.   

5. Network Meaningfully

Connect with other users like never before. You are now able to follow members, chat, and see what contributions they have made inside the platform. We hope you are able to connect with other StreamSets users, be helpful, and create awesome projects together. 

How to Get Started Today

Joining the StreamSets Community and getting started with StreamSets DataOps Platform has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to join our community today.

  1. Head over to
  2. Click the “Login/Register” button
  3. Select “Create an account” at the top of the popup window 
  4. Enter your details via the form fill OR sign in via the Google Login SSO 
  5. Once you have logged in, introduce yourself in this post and don’t forget to read over our Community Guidelines

We hope to see you in our new StreamSets Community Platform!

Haven’t given StreamSets a try yet? Get started today.


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