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Announcing Data Collector ver

By Posted in StreamSets News April 13, 2016

With this release we have a number of exciting new features and integrations. And as usual, we’ve addressed a number of bug fixes.


  • Want to send data to Amazon Redshift? Use the new Kinesis Firehose destination to do it.
  • If you deal with a lot of unstructured data, here’s a MongoDB destination you can use.
  • Testing Kudu within your Hadoop environment? Use our newest Kudu destination to ease the integration.


  • Late directory support for File Tail and Directory. You can configure the origins to read from directories and files that show up after you start the pipeline.
  • With external JMX tools, you can view additional metrics for the File Tail origin that let you know how many files are pending in the directory, and how much of the active file remains to be read.
  • The Field Hasher processor now allows hashing in place, hashing to a target field or header, and hashing the entire record.
  • A couple new processors that support Encoding and Decoding Base64 data.
  • The HBase destination now supports implicit field mappings.
  • The Kinesis Consumer origin now supports AWS proxy settings.
  • The JMS Consumer origin provides configurable custom JNDI properties.
  • Users with the Admin role can restart Data Collector from the console.
  • Configurable timeout for inactive user sessions.
  • REST API support for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

Download the Data Collector to get started now. Visit Documentation for more details.

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