Announcing Data Collector ver

We're happy to announce a new release of the Data Collector. This minor release has over 30+ bug fixes and a number of  improvements and a few new features :

  • A Package Manager that allows you to install new Stage Libraries (Origins, Processors, Destinations) right from the User Interface. With this feature you can download the smaller Core Tarball and only install the stage libraries you want. Note: This feature is currently only available in the Tarball package and the Docker image, in the future we will add this functionality to the other package options.
  • Ability to access the file stream from within the scripting processors while doing Whole File Transfers. This is useful if you want to access the file midstream and do things like access metadata from MP3's or Images, extract text from PDF files etc.
  • Support for MapR FS as an origin, including cluster mode support for reading out of MapR FS
  • Support for Confluent Schema Registry
  • Support for ElasticSearch 2.4
  • Caching support for the JDBC Lookup Processor

Please be sure to check out the Release Notes for detailed information about this release. And download the Data Collector now.

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