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Creating a Post-Lambda World with Apache Kudu

Arvind Prabhakar By September 23, 2016

Apache Kudu and Open Source StreamSets Data Collector Simplify Batch and Real-Time Processing

As originally posted on the Cloudera VISION Blog.

At StreamSets, we come across dataflow challenges for a variety of applications. Our product, StreamSets Data Collector is an open-source any-to-any dataflow system that ensures that all your data is safely delivered in the various systems of your choice. At its core is the ability to handle data drift that allows these dataflow pipelines to evolve with your changing data landscape without incurring redesign costs.

This position at the front of the data pipeline has given us visibility into various use cases, and we have found that many applications rely on patched-together architectures to achieve their objective.

Continuous Ingest in the Face of Data Drift (from the Cloudera Vision Blog)

Arvind Prabhakar By February 1, 2016

Big data has come a long way, with adoption accelerating as CIOs recognize the business value of extracting insights from the troves of data collected by their companies and business partners. But, as is often the case with innovations, mainstream adoption of big data has exposed a new challenge: how to ingest data continuously from any source and with high quality. Indeed, we have found that there are environmental causes that make it next to impossible to scale ingestion using current approaches, and this has serious implications for scaling big data projects.

Elasticsearch plus StreamSets for Reliable Data Ingestion

Arvind Prabhakar By November 18, 2015

StreamSets Data Collector is open source software that lets you easily build continuous data ingestion pipelines for Elasticsearch. By being resistant to "data drift", StreamSets minimizes ingest-related data loss and helps ensure optimized indexes so that Elasticsearch and Kibana users…

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