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Natty is StreamSets' Field Engineer Director who enjoys exploring data integration challenges while having a good time. He likes booze, food, databases, and Hadoop.. in no particular order.

Embrace Diversity in Your Data Architecture

Many Roads Lead to Rome

Over the last ten years, the data management landscape has changed dramatically — on that, I think we can all agree. The rise of big data and the new data management ecosystem has created an abundance of new patterns and tools, each of which is more specialized than the last. With each new iteration, engineers and architects face pressure from all sides to simplify and consolidate.

But counter-intuitively, the best data architects embrace infrastructure diversity rather than fight it. The reality is that all of these tools and patterns have important uses in enterprise data architecture, and that today Kafka is no more the cure to all that ails than MapReduce was five years ago. The most sophisticated enterprises enable each business unit to use best-of-breed technology to succeed while facilitating seamless integration between them, creating agility and avoiding the chaos that often arises across legacy environments.

Jonathan NatkinsEmbrace Diversity in Your Data Architecture
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How-to: Build a Real-Time Search System using StreamSets, Apache Kafka, and Cloudera Search

The following was re-posted from the Cloudera Engineering Blog.
Thanks to Jonathan Natkins, a field engineer from StreamSets, for the guest post below about using StreamSets Data Collector—open source, GUI-driven ingest technology for developing and operating data pipelines with a minimum of code—and Cloudera Search and HUE to build a real-time search environment.
Jonathan NatkinsHow-to: Build a Real-Time Search System using StreamSets, Apache Kafka, and Cloudera Search
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