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3 Ways To Keep Up With Constant Change

By January 26, 2023

The business climate today feels a bit like a battleground, and everyone’s feeling the pressure. A recession looms, competition is fierce, ongoing supply chain issues wreak havoc, and customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been. Dodge left, dodge right……

Reverse ETL to Marketo: A Real-Life Example

Brenna Buuck By January 19, 2023

Standing for Extract, Transform, and Load, the acronym ETL describes the process of extracting data from a target, transforming it, and sending it on to load into a destination. The barest definition of ETL doesn’t include details about the nature…

8 Data Governance Principles To Live By

By January 4, 2023

Data governance is essential for all businesses, but especially for enterprise companies with their petabytes of data. Properly governing your data can ensure it is accurate, consistent, and secure. This helps to protect your company from data breaches and other…

Schema on Write vs. Schema on Read

Brenna Buuck By January 3, 2023

In the simplest terms, schema is the structure of data inside a database. The structure of data can include things like field and table names, views, indexes, and snapshots. The definition of schema will often expand to include the relationships…

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