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Data Warehouse vs. Database

By April 12, 2022

People and machines create an unfathomable amount of data every day. It enables businesses to operate efficiently and understand where their business is moving. But without proper management and solid architectural design practices, valuable data soon becomes lost or unusable.…

Data Mart vs. Data Warehouse

Brenna Buuck By April 4, 2022

What is a Data Warehouse? Data warehouses are centralized repositories used to store data for an entire organization. Data warehouses contain data from many disparate data sources and can often be quite large. Data warehouses are different from other data…

PostgreSQL vs MySQL: A Head to Head Comparison

Brenna Buuck By March 29, 2022

What is PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL is a relational database that stores data in tables, rows, and columns with pre-defined relationships. This is as opposed to NoSQL or document storage solutions that lack these features and give up advanced analytical capabilities in…

Kafka vs. Kinesis: A Deep Dive Comparison

By March 24, 2022

Kafka vs. Kinesis: A Deep Dive Comparison  Data comes at businesses today at a relentless pace – and it never stops. It’s a good thing too. The data-driven enterprise is more likely to succeed. According to McKinsey, “companies with the…

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