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Encrypt and Decrypt Data in Dataflow Pipelines

By January 22, 2019

The Encrypt and Decrypt processor, introduced in StreamSets Data Collector 3.5.0, uses the Amazon AWS Encryption SDK to encrypt and decrypt data within a dataflow pipeline, and a variety of mechanisms, including the Amazon AWS Key Management Service, to manage encryption keys. In this blog post, I’ll walk through the basics of working with encryption on AWS, and show you how to build pipelines that encrypt and decrypt data, from individual fields to entire records.

Five Ways to Scale Kafka with StreamSets

By December 18, 2018

The StreamSets DataOps Platform was architected to scale to the largest workloads, particularly when working with continuous streams of data from systems such as Apache Kafka or Apache Pulsar. As well as the ability to scale, the platform offers a…

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