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StreamSets Transformer: Your Questions Answered

By October 22, 2019

StreamSets Transformer, a powerful tool for creating highly instrumented Apache Spark applications for modern ETL, is the newest addition to the StreamSets DataOps Platform. StreamSets enables next-generation ETL through the StreamSets Transformer tool. The product provides enterprises with the flexibility…

Creating the OmniSci F1 Demo: Real-Time Data Ingestion With StreamSets

By May 8, 2019

Randy ZwitchRandy Zwitch is a Senior Director of Developer Advocacy at OmniSci, enabling customers and community users alike to utilize OmniSci to its fullest potential. With broad industry experience in energy, digital analytics, banking, telecommunications and media, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge across verticals as well as an in-depth knowledge of open-source tools for analytics. In this guest blog post, reposted from the original with permission, Randy explains the Formula 1 demo he built with StreamSets Data Collector to show real-time telemetry ingestion into OmniSci’s GPU-accelerated analytics platform.

Building a Slack Slash Command as a Microservice Pipeline

By March 26, 2019

Slack API logoOne of the drivers behind Slack‘s rise as an enterprise collaboration tool is its rich set of integration mechanisms. Bots can monitor channels for messages and reply as if they were users, apps can send and receive messages and more via a wide range of APIs, and slash commands allow users to interact with external systems from the Slack message box. In this blog post, I’ll explain how I implemented a sample slash command as a microservice pipeline in StreamSets Data Collector 3.8.0, allowing users to look up stock item names and URLs from stock item numbers. Use this as the basis for creating your own slash command!

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