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How to Simplify Data Loading Snowflake

By January 28, 2019


Transformer for Snowflake is the first enterprise data transformation engine built on Snowpark. Want to learn how the engine makes advanced, native data transformations for your Data Cloud possible? Join our technical experts on Office Hours.

Mike Fuller, a consultant at Red Pill Analytics, has been working on ingesting data into Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse using StreamSets for Snowflake. In this guest blog post, Mike explains how he was able to replicate an Oracle database to Snowflake using the new functionality, both for initial data loading into Snowflake and with change data capture.

Adaptive Data Integration and Operations on Oracle Cloud using StreamSets

By October 17, 2018

StreamSets is pleased to announce a new partnership with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As enterprises move their big data workloads to the cloud, it becomes imperative that their approach to data integration is more resilient and adaptive to continue to serve the business’s needs.  This is why StreamSets Data Collector™ is now easily deployable on OCI for adaptive data integration and operations.

What led us to this point?  There are fundamental questions such as ‘What good is an Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) without the most current data?’ ‘What good is the EDH without lots of data sources feeding it?’ which leads to the follow up questions of  ‘How do you manage data engineering as quickly as software development in a fast-paced DevOps world?’ ‘How do you manage change-data-capture (CDC) from Oracle, streaming log files, and batch SFTP dumps without using large and confusing toolsets?’  

To answer all of these questions, StreamSets has created the first complete DataOps (DevOps for data integration) platform to compliment the fail-fast world of DevOps toolsets that are commonly found in places like a cloud-based EDH deployment. Running StreamSets in the Oracle Cloud to support a Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) provides an excellent example of DevOps being applied to data to harness the value of a big data project.

StreamSets Wins Cloudera Partner of the Year Award… Again!

By October 1, 2018

Partners are an important part of driving our business here at StreamSets. The StreamSets DataOps Platform is adopted by leading companies across industries, and in many cases is used directly in conjunction with Cloudera Enterprise. Jointly, customers use StreamSets and Cloudera to build new and innovative solutions that help unlock customer insight, reduce fraud and risk, and help reduce operational costs. One such customer, Voya Financial, recently won a Data Impact Award for their solution to better protect its customers data while identifying fraud incidents and proactively addressing them. Joint customers Vodafone (Business Impact) and RingCentral (Protect Your Business) were also nominated as finalists.

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