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Chat with the StreamSets Team via Slack!

By Posted in Data Integration July 15, 2016

SlackSince its inception last October, the sdc-user Google group has been the primary medium for you, our community, to communicate with us, the StreamSets Team. We’ve seen over a thousand messages, and participated in discussions around installation, configuration, bugs, feature requests, and every other aspect of StreamSets Data Collector. While sdc-user works well for many interactions, it does lack the immediacy of chatting in real-time. So, this week, we added a new communication option: the ‘StreamSetters’ Slack team.

Sign up here and you’ll have access to three Slack channels: #general, #random, and #commits.

Streamsetters Slack

The channel names are fairly self-explanatory: #general is for general questions and feedback, #random is our ‘virtual water cooler’ – a place where we can hang out and chat about ‘non-work’ topics, while #commits holds a stream of commit messages from our two main GitHub projects. As well as the web interface there are desktop and mobile clients.

So, which should you use, Slack or Google Groups? The short answer: whichever you prefer! A longer answer: some people like the immediacy and interaction of a chat room, others, not so much. It often depends on the question – Slack works well for quick questions, the group for posts requiring more exposition. Whichever you choose, the StreamSets team and our wider community are here to help you out and keep the data flowing!

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