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Python vs. Scala: A Deep Dive Comparison


Python vs. Scala: A Deep Dive Comparison  Even if you’re relatively new to programming, you’ve most likely come across both the Python and Scala programming languages. Python and Scala are two of the most widely used languages in today’s programming ecosystem. In this piece, we’re not looking to stir the proverbial pot about which programming language is better. There are…

By March 11, 2022

Cloud Data Integration: Benefits, Examples, and Why it Matters


Try and imagine removing the cloud from business. It would bring the world to a screeching halt. Yet only a decade ago, most enterprise leaders were resisting the move. The stats show us clearly who won that debate. There will be over 100 zettabytes of data stored in the cloud around the world by 2025 In 2020, the total worth…

By March 10, 2022

Python vs. Java: A Deep Dive Comparison


Did you know that Python and Java are two of the most commonly used programming languages today? Of the hundreds of languages to choose from, Python and Java continue to gain more and more user adoption, leading to more programs and platforms being written in Python and Java, and so forth creating a snowball-like effect in today’s programming ecosystem.  Of…

By March 9, 2022

Why & How to Use Data Enrichment to Activate Your Data Lake for Analytics

Use Cases, Industry

We all know the shift to the cloud is massive and has been accelerated by COVID; however, I think many of us (myself included) don’t take enough time to really look at the new cloud-native services for doing data enrichment and analytics. AWS Re:Invent last December was a great opportunity to talk to customers, prospects, and other technology companies. Meeting…

By March 8, 2022

Transformer for Snowflake: Snowflake Transformation that Meets Cloud-First Expectations

Use Cases, StreamSets Partners

Transformer for Snowflake is the first enterprise data transformation engine built on Snowpark. Want to learn how the engine makes advanced, native data transformations for your Data Cloud possible? Join our technical experts on Office Hours. It's likely you remember (or have at least heard) that databases in the past, beyond SQL, were extremely complicated to stay in a performant…

By February 3, 2022
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