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Evolving Avro Schemas with Apache Kafka and StreamSets Data Collector

Avro LogoApache Avro is widely used in the Hadoop ecosystem for efficiently serializing data so that it may be exchanged between applications written in a variety of programming languages. Avro allows data to be self-describing; when data is serialized via Avro, its schema is stored with it. Applications reading Avro-serialized data at a later time read the schema and use it when deserializing the data.

While StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) frees you from the tyranny of schema, it can also work with tools that take a more rigid approach. In this blog, I'll explain a little of how Avro works and how SDC can integrate with Confluent Schema Registry’s distributed Avro schema storage layer when reading and writing data to Apache Kafka topics and other destinations.

Pat PattersonEvolving Avro Schemas with Apache Kafka and StreamSets Data Collector
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Getting Started with Cloudera’s Cybersecurity Solution (feat. StreamSets, Arcadia Data and Centrify)

ODM Windows PipelineThis post was originally published on the Cloudera VISION blog by Sam Heywood.   StreamSets configurations and images of Apache Spot Open Data Model ingest pipelines can be found here on Github.

A quick conversation with most Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) reveals they understand they need to modernize their security architecture and the correct answer is to adopt a machine learning and analytics platform as a fundamental and durable part of their data strategy. However, many CISOs fear deployment of an initial use case will be somewhat daunting. Cloudera has partnered along with Arcadia Data and StreamSets to make it easier than ever for CISOs to take the first step and deploy basic use cases leveraging data sources common to many environments.

Rick BilodeauGetting Started with Cloudera’s Cybersecurity Solution (feat. StreamSets, Arcadia Data and Centrify)
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Straight from Our Customers: The Benefits of Modern Ingestion

Three months into my journey here at StreamSets and I’ve had a chance to talk with many of our customers and prospects to understand how they are using the open source StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) across a number of different use cases. As it turns out, behind solving technical problems in areas such as cybersecurity, IoT or plain old data lake ingestion lies a treasure trove of value that IT teams realize as part of a typical deployment.
While this is not an exhaustive list, let’s take a quick look at some of the more common benefits our customers call out.

ClarkeStraight from Our Customers: The Benefits of Modern Ingestion
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Ask StreamSets: Questions and Answers for the StreamSets Community

Ask StreamSetsIt's fair to say that most developers are familiar with Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network of question and answer sites. Q&A sites such as Stack Overflow serve communities of users focused around a particular topic or discipline – in the case of Stack Overflow, programming. Today, we're launching Ask StreamSets, a Q&A site for the StreamSets community.

Pat PattersonAsk StreamSets: Questions and Answers for the StreamSets Community
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Getting Started with StreamSets Data Collector on Docker

Docker logoSimplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
– Leonardo da Vinci

As a recent hire on the Engineering Productivity team here at StreamSets, my early days at the company were marked by efforts to dive head-first into StreamSets Data Collector (SDC). As it turns out, the Docker images we publish for SDC were the easiest way to explore its vast set of features and capabilities, which is exactly why I am writing this blog post.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Kirti VelankarGetting Started with StreamSets Data Collector on Docker
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Fast, Easy Access to Secure Kafka Clusters

It’s simple to connect StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) to Apache Kafka through the Kafka Consumer Origin and Kafka Producer Destination connectors. And because those connectors support all Kafka Client options, including the secure Kafka (SSL and SASL) options, connecting to an SSL-enabled secure Kafka cluster is just as easy. In this blog post I'll walk through the steps required.

Hari NayakFast, Easy Access to Secure Kafka Clusters
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Announcing Data Collector v2.7.0.0

This release has been superseded by version Please upgrade to v2.7.1.0 at the earliest.

We are happy to release version of StreamSets Data Collector.

You can download the latest open source release here.

This release has 134 new features and improvements and over160 bug fixes. For a full list, see What's New. For a list of bug fixes and known issues, see the Release Notes.

Kirit BasuAnnouncing Data Collector v2.7.0.0
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Scaling out StreamSets with Kubernetes

StreamSets, Docker, KubernetesIn today’s microservice revolution, where software applications are designed as independent services that work together, two technologies stand out. Docker, the defacto standard for containerization, and Kubernetes, a container orchestration and management tool. In this blog I will explain how to run StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) Docker containers on Kubernetes.

Hari NayakScaling out StreamSets with Kubernetes
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Cache Salesforce Data in Redis with StreamSets Data Collector

Redis LogoRedis is an open-source, in-memory, NoSQL database implementing a networked key-value store with optional persistence to disk. Perhaps the most popular key-value database, Redis is widely used for caching web pages, sessions and other objects that require blazingly fast access – lookups are typically in the millisecond range.

At RedisConf 2017 I presented a session, Cache All The Things! Data Integration via Jedis (slides), looking at how the open source Jedis library provides a small, sane, easy to use Java interface to Redis, and how a StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) pipeline can read data from a platform such as Salesforce, write it to Redis via Jedis, and keep Redis up-to-date by subscribing for notifications of changes in Salesforce, writing new and updated data to Redis. In this blog entry, I'll describe how I built the SDC pipeline I showed during my session.

Pat PattersonCache Salesforce Data in Redis with StreamSets Data Collector
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