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DataOps Summit 2021: Call for Papers!

Data Engineering with a Purpose: Tackling Climate Change

Industry, StreamSets News

Data has become one of the most powerful tools at humanity’s disposal, and it can be used for a variety of end purposes. As data experts, data engineers can take pride in their mastery of the many technical skills and practices necessary to deliver data to those who need it. Many data engineers are further inspired by the broader impact…

Judy Ko By April 21, 2021

A Very Strange Year in the Data Business

Industry, StreamSets News

A very, very long year ago, I wrote about three scenarios for adjusting your data practice with respect to the impact of the pandemic on their businesses, and data practices. With 12 months plus now behind us, and cautious optimism on the horizon, it’s time to look back at what predictions did and did not pan out, and new learnings from…

Judy Ko By April 7, 2021
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