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Top 5 Sessions at Data+AI Summit EMEA


What We'll Be Watching On November 17th, Data + AI Summit heads overseas for 3 packed days of industry mind-melding. Data + AI Summit covers a multitude of topics but most notably is the rise and enterprise proliferation of the Apache Spark open-source community. Apache Spark is the modern data and analytics engine unlocking machine learning, ETL, and stream processing…

By November 9, 2020

Ingest Salesforce Data Into Amazon S3 Data Lake

Engineering, Use Cases

In this blog, you will learn how to ingest Salesforce data using Bulk API (optimized to process large sets of data) and store it in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Data Lake using StreamSets Data Collector, a fast data ingestion engine. The primary AWS service used in our data pipeline is Amazon S3, which provides cost effective storage and…

By November 5, 2020

Accelerate your DataOps Journey with StreamSets and Intel


This post was co-written by Kirit Basu, VP of Strategy StreamSets, and Brien Porter, Solutions Lead, Intel Corporation. The need for fast access to data has only increased in these turbulent times. To deliver data continuously in the face of constant change and meet exponential growth in demand for data, data-savvy organizations are adopting a DataOps practice. DataOps operationalizes the…

By October 19, 2020
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