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DataOps Summit 2021: September 28-30

You Graduated! What’s Next? Career Advice for Data Engineers

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Welcome, new grad, and congratulations – you did it! Getting your degree is the first of many achievements you’re sure to accomplish throughout your professional career. As you contemplate joining “the real world,” you’re probably curious about what’s in store for you.  You’re getting advice left and right, and separating the wheat from the chaff isn’t always easy. Don’t worry;…

By May 25, 2021

Sources and Destinations Podcast Episode #5 Lorna Mitchell


  Sources and Destinations · Sources And Destinations Podcast Episode #5 Lorna Mitchell   Putting garbage in gets you garbage out. No one understands this better than developers. No one understands developers like Lorna Mitchell.  Lorna is an author, developer advocate, and prolific technical writer. She is currently the lead developer advocate at Aiven. Lorna has also authored several books…

By May 4, 2021

3 Sessions to Stream at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

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This year the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit goes virtual with a strong focus on how businesses create agility and value. That means we won’t get to cross paths on the show floor or start up a conversation after a compelling session or a keynote. But we will all have the opportunity to watch at our convenience, get inspired by…

By April 30, 2021
Why Data Engineering For Climate Change Earth Picture

Data Engineering with a Purpose: Tackling Climate Change

Industry, StreamSets News

Data has become one of the most powerful tools at humanity’s disposal, and it can be used for a variety of end purposes. As data experts, data engineers can take pride in their mastery of the many technical skills and practices necessary to deliver data to those who need it. Many data engineers are further inspired by the broader impact…

Judy Ko By April 21, 2021
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