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COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Analysis on StreamSets DataOps Platform


Recently I attended an inspirational tech talk hosted by Databricks where the presenters shared some great tips and techniques around analyzing COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) freely available here. As stated in its description: "In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House and a coalition of leading research groups have prepared the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). CORD-19 is…

By March 26, 2020

Coping in the Time of COVID19 – A CPO’s (and Mom’s) Perspective

StreamSets News

This is my first blog for StreamSets and I’m going to do it all wrong. I should be writing a thought leadership piece on the DataOps category, drop hints about how uniquely differentiated our product is, and send you to various calls-to-action to “learn more” or try our product. I should have hyperlinked several words in that last sentence to…

By March 24, 2020

10 (More) Tips for Working from Home

StreamSets News

The StreamSets team will be working hard and working remotely for the next few weeks months. As I headed back across the San Francisco Bay to my home in Marin County, I posed the question on our LifeatStreamSets Slack Channel: what helps you stay productive and connected? Whether you have a dedicated home office or sit at the kitchen table,…

By March 16, 2020

The Hidden Complexity of Data Operations


Akin to art and music, the most appealing part of the design process is always the ideation, the canvases where you get to explore new ideas that usher in new value and opportunity. Consider The Space Travelers Lullaby from jazz artist Kamasi Washington, made almost completely as an improvisational jam. Kamasi is often quoted as saying "This process can be…

By March 11, 2020
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