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Snowflake and StreamSets’ Partnership Means Accelerated Innovation for the Future of Data Integration

By Posted in Data Integration November 16, 2021


Snowpark at Snowdays

Data. It makes the world go round. An overstatement perhaps, but in some pockets of the globe you wouldn’t know it by the glacial pace of modernization. 

Modern organizations of all sizes today rely on data to fuel smart decision-making. And an increasing number of them rely on the Snowflake Data Cloud platform to democratize data access and bring increased levels of sophistication to analytics and data science. 

With a shared focus on democratizing data access, partnership with Snowflake was a natural fit for us here at StreamSets. We first began collaborating in 2019 to help data engineers land and transform their data into the data cloud without the stress of brittle hand-coding solutions that weren’t a good fit for the modern nature of data clouds.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Snowflake has elevated StreamSets to Premier Partner status. This designation is given to technology partners with a strong reference architecture and several joint customers. 

Premier Partner status comes on top of two other recent achievements: Snowflake Ready and Snowflake Accelerated. With the Snowflake Ready Technology Validation program, StreamSets validated our native connectors for Snowflake. Snowpark Accelerated confirmed the fitness of our soon to be generally available Transformer for Snowflake which provides a fast, easy, and supported way of transforming data directly within Snowflake. 

Transformer for Snowflake provides a graphical user interface tool to transform data without needing to write SQL. You can perform any type of data engineering or data science workload directly in Snowflake’s environment without needing to move data to an Apache Spark platform.

Snowpark is featured prominently in today and tomorrow’s Snowflake Snowday events. You’ll see keynotes from Snowflake leaders like Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product – who gave a shoutout to ‘built-in pipeline monitoring from StreamSets’ in the main Snowday keynote! 

Snowday will give you a chance to see Snowpark in action and ask the experts any burning questions you may have about this new capability. StreamSets is positioned to launch its engine for Snowpark in coordination with the public GA launch of the product from Snowflake.

As of June 14, 2021, Transformer for Snowflake is now generally available – try the engine here.


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