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Testing and Automation with the StreamSets Platform SDK for Python

By Posted in Data Integration March 16, 2022

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of StreamSets Platform SDK for Python version 4.0.0.  It enables users to interact with StreamSets Platform programmatically using Python 3.4+.

Highlights of the StreamSets SDK

  1. SDK Activation key is no longer required
  2. DataCollector and Transformer classes are no longer public because these are headless engines in StreamSets Platform
  3. Authentication is now handled by using API Credentials
  4. The usage and syntax for PipelineBuilder has been updated
  5. Support for environments and deployments

Changes that Impact SDK 3.x Usage

The existing SDK for Python 3.x versions can not interact with StreamSets Platform.

Try the SDK for Python Today!

The pip3 package manager must be installed on the machine where the SDK will be installed and used.

To install the 4.0.0 release of the library, use your Python 3 installation’s instance of pip:

$ pip3 install streamsets~=4.0

Details and Documentation

For detailed, technical information about StreamSets Platform SDK for Python version 4.0.0, visit our documentation.


Would you be interested to know something more about the SDK for Python? Would you like to share your feedback on trying this 4.0.0 version of SDK? Would love to hear from you over in the StreamSets community.

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