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Availity: Accelerate Care with Self-service Data

StreamSets Customer - Availity
“Without StreamSets we’re spending a lot of money on specialized skills and tools. With StreamSets we’re streamlined and moving forward.”
Jeff Currier, Director of Data Management and Analytics, AvailityWatch Now

1.6 million

Providers Connected

4 billion

Transactions per year


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Delivering Continuous Data in Real-time

The largest health information network in the US, Availity facilitates over 4 billion clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually, offering healthcare plans and providers streamlined workflows, an intuitive user experience, and critical insights.

Building a DataOps culture is core to their ability to deliver continuous data in real-time for advanced analytics and self-service data. StreamSets allows Availity to break down components of data flow pipelines into micro services and then watch or tweak performance with visibility and end-to-end control over all data pipelines.

StreamSets gives Availity’s data engineers the ability to quickly build data pipelines and use the latest technologies without special skills. A self-service repository is helping data engineers develop and test data pipelines against best practices.

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Availity Self-service Data

Lifting the Lid on the Hidden Data Integration Problem

Under-resourced technical teams struggle to keep up with business requests for data without ceding control, while business teams must have their data on demand to stay competitive. See solutions that reduce frustrations.
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