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About Contributor License Agreements

StreamSets will not accept any pull requests or source contributions to StreamSets open-source projects on GitHub until you sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

The CLA grants a copyright and patent license to StreamSets, and users of the software, stating that you are legally entitled to grant such a license. You will select an agreement for Individuals (Independent Contributor License Agreement) or Corporations (Corporate Contributor License Agreement).

How to Sign a CLA

When you open a Pull Request (PR), a bot verifies whether a CLA has been signed for your GitHub username and prompts you to sign.

  1. Open a PR
  2. Check the comment thread of your PR
  3. If needed, click the Contributor License Agreement link
    Choose the Independent Contributor License Agreement or Corporate Contributor License Agreement)
GitHub Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

For further details on contributing guidelines for a specific project, see the file in the GitHub repository of the project you’re interested in.

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