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Deluxe: Streaming Data Platform for Machine Learning

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“By moving to the cloud with StreamSets and by leveraging their big data ecosystem, we can finally use all of our data and break down the silos we’ve struggled with in the past.”
Jean-Marie Bertoncelli, Big Data and Analytics Architect
999 Million
Active customers
Financial institutions
999 +
Data sources

Breaking Down Data Silos

Deluxe Corporation invented the checkbook. Founded in 1915, they’ve evolved with their customers over the last century from “the check company” into a partner to customers for everything from web marketing to payroll services to remote deposit capture and integrated receivables.

With 300+ disparate data sources, Deluxe found traditional data integration had become a bottleneck for tasks related to advanced analytics. “When you need to join different sources coming from so many different locations, using classic ETL is just impossible,” said Jean-Marie Bertoncelli, Big Data & Analytics Architect.

Deluxe was finally able to break down data silos and make real-time data available for modern data analytics using StreamSets to migrate their database to Microsoft Azure. By leveraging automation for ingest and change data capture of click-stream data and web and product usage metrics, they now have an end-to-end solution.

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Deluxe Breaking Down Data Silos With Streaming Data Platform

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