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Humana: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

“StreamSets technologies and DataOps practices allow us to deliver the business outcomes that we're focused on and make an impact on the people we serve every day.”
Anne-Britton Arnett, VP, Information Management and Analytics, HumanaWatch Now

16.6 million


10 million

scripts per day


healthier members

Making Healthcare Easier for Community Members

Humana, a healthcare company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is helping members achieve their best health outcomes with clinical excellence and coordinated care. The company’s digital transformation is making healthcare easier.

To support the integrated care model, they needed a hyper-connected ecosystem and that meant a new approach to enterprise data integrationApplying DataOps principles and tools, they automated and accelerated the provisioning of data from multiple sources, in a variety of formats to deliver it into a hybrid-cloud environment.

With the data drift and real-time capabilities of StreamSets, data from a new pharmacy can be flowed through the system quickly to providers. Access to insights helps providers better anticipate needs, address social determinants, and give members more control over their own outcomes. 

Digital Transformation In Healthcare At Humana

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