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IBM: How Self-service Data Supports Operational Excellence

IBM Explains How Self-service For Operational Data
“StreamSets naturally filled the space for us. The adoption rate was very high, and—guess what—they built pipelines which actually worked. So, it became a de facto ingredient in our DataOps practice.”
Divya Yashwanth, Software Developer, CIO Network Engineering, IBMWatch the Video
Sites around the World
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Data Pipelines


of Streaming Records

No Waiting for Operational Data with Smart Data Pipelines

With over 400,000 employees across the world, IBM has one of the largest corporate networks in existence. Charged with the health of the network, the CIO Network Engineering team delivers automation and tooling services that provide visibility into and reliable operations of the environment. To do this they need continuous, reliable, and transparent operational data that teams around the world can use in real-time.

Committed to DataOps, they realized their existing data pipeline solution wasn’t cutting it. Hand coding made building pipelines exceedingly difficult, and prevented non-data engineers from accessing data when they needed it. With 1000 sites around the world, and extremely high volume and velocity data, IBM needed a solution that would truly operationalize continuous data management and integration to ensure resilience, agility, and visibility for a central team.

The team chose StreamSets to replace their existing solution with self-service data via smart data pipelines

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