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TalentFulfilled: Building a Platform with Microservices

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“DataOps makes my life easier. Data engineers don’t just do development, they can actively monitor and make continuous improvement changes to data pipelines.”
Jeffrey Jennings, Senior Data Strategy Architect, TalentFulfilledWatch Now


Web sites monitored in real time


Twitter events analyzed for sentiment


Microservices APIs

Helping Students Build Their Career with Data

Helping students launch fulfilling careers and become valued contributors with the right skills is at the heart of TalentFulfilled.

The smart career platform analyzes data from corporate websites, Twitter streams, and job postings to uncover hot job trends, in-demand skills, and guide students toward sustainable careers. Managing complex and streaming data sources requires an agile approach to pipeline development.

Instead of hand coding, TalentFulfilled data engineers use StreamSets to build microservices and stream processing. StreamSets DataOps Platform allows the team to monitor data across the system to ensure continuous data delivery for analysis, so they can help students match passions to prospects.

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Building Microservices Without Hand Coding

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