Event Records

Event records are records that are created when a stage or pipeline event occurs.

Most event records pass general event information in record headers, such as when the event occurred. They also can include event-specific details in record fields, like the name and location of the output file that was closed.

Event Record Header Attributes

In addition to the standard record header attributes, most event records include record header attributes for event information such as the event type and when the event occurred.

As with any record header attribute, you can use the Expression Evaluator and the record:attribute function to include record header attribute information as a field in the record. For example, when storing event records, you most likely want to include the time of the event in the event record, using the following expression in an Expression Evaluator:

Note that all record header attributes are String values. For more information about working with record header attributes, see Record Header Attributes.

Most events include the following event record header attributes:
Event Record Header Attribute Description
sdc.event.type Event type. Defined by the stage that generates the event.

For information about the event types available for an event generating stage, see the stage documentation.

sdc.event.version Integer that indicates the version of the event record type.
sdc.event.creation_timestamp Epoch timestamp when the stage created the event.
Note: Stage-generated event records differ from stage to stage. For a description of stage events, see "Event Record" in the documentation for the event-generating stage. For a description of pipeline events, see Pipeline Event Records.