Pipeline Logs

StreamSets Cloud generates log data when you preview a pipeline or run a pipeline.

Each log entry includes a timestamp and message along with additional information relevant for the message. The log can contain informational, warning, and error messages. View the logs to help with troubleshooting.

You can view the following types of logs:

Preview log
The preview log contains messages generated when you preview pipelines.
StreamSets Cloud generates a single preview log used for all of your previews. After a period of inactivity, the preview log is cleared.
To view a preview log, click the Preview Log tab in the properties pane as you preview a pipeline.
Run log
The run log contains messages generated when you run a pipeline.
StreamSets Cloud generates a separate run log for each run of the pipeline. The run log is viewable only while the pipeline run is active or has recently finished. When a pipeline run encounters an error and fails, the pipeline run itself remains active so that you can view the run log and troubleshoot issues. When you stop the pipeline run, the log is no longer accessible.
To view a run log, click the Log tab in the properties pane as you monitor a pipeline run.

The following image displays a sample run log: