Troubleshooting Data Protector

When configuring a procedure, protection method properties do not display in the New Procedure or Manage Procedure dialog box
This might occur when the Authoring SDC property is set to a Data Collector that is not available, or when the selected Data Collector is not enabled for Data Protector. After you select an available Data Protector-enabled Data Collector, the protection methods display properly.
A pipeline fails with the following error message. How do we determine the field that caused the problem?
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.streamsets.pipeline.api.StageException: PROTECTOR_0007 - Protecting field has failed.
In the interest of data security, Data Protector does not reveal potentially sensitive data in error messages by default.
When necessary, you can enable debug mode to allow Data Protector to include additional details in error messages, such as the field name and the data that caused the problem.
Use debug mode only when organization security allows, and disable it when it is no longer needed.