Use the Organizations view to review and manage your organization information.

To view your organization information, click Administration > Organizations in the Navigation panel. You can manage your organization information in the following areas:

Organization details
To display the organization details, click the organization name. Manage the following information in the details:
  • Configure the maximum number of days that a user password is valid.

    Users must reset their password when the maximum number of days is reached.

  • Configure the list of trusted domains that can make authentication requests to Control Hub on behalf of your organization.
  • Enable SAML authentication for your organization if your company uses SAML authentication.
Organization Configuration window
To display the Organization Configuration window, hover over your organization name, and then click the Configuration icon: . Manage the following information in the Organization Configuration window:

You can also view the maximum number of users, Data Collectors, pipelines, jobs, and topologies that your organization is allowed. To change these values, contact the StreamSets support team at

In addition, you can view whether time series analysis is enabled for the organization. When time series analysis is enabled, you can generate data delivery reports for jobs and view historical time series data when you monitor jobs, monitor Data Collectors, and monitor Edge Data Collectors. To enable time series analysis, contact your StreamSets sales representative.