Pipeline Labels

A pipeline label identifies similar pipelines or pipeline fragments. Use pipeline labels to easily search and filter pipelines and fragments when viewing them in the pipeline repository.

You can assign pipeline labels to pipelines and fragments while designing them in the Control Hub Pipeline Designer or in an authoring Data Collector. Configure pipeline labels using the Labels property on the General tab of the pipeline or fragment.
Note: The label templates is reserved for creating user pipeline templates. See Pipeline Templates.

Pipeline labels are different from labels that you assign to Data Collectors and Edge Data Collectors within Control Hub. Pipeline labels are optional. You can use pipeline labels to filter pipelines and fragments viewed in a list.

Data Collector and Data Collector Edge (SDC Edge) labels are required. They determine which execution Data Collectors or Edge Data Collectors run each pipeline.

If you assign pipeline labels to group pipelines and fragments, you can use the same groupings when you assign labels to execution Data Collectors and Edge Data Collectors in Control Hub. Or, you can use entirely different groupings. For more information about labels for Data Collectors, Edge Data Collectors, and jobs, see Labels Overview.

To display pipeline labels on the Pipelines view or the Pipeline Fragments view, click the More icon (), and then click Show Labels.

To filter pipelines or fragments by label, click the Toggle Filter Column icon (), and then select the labels to filter by.

Deleting Pipeline Labels

You can use Control Hub to delete pipeline labels from the pipeline repository that are no longer assigned to any pipelines or fragments. Control Hub does not allow you to delete labels that are in use.

For example, let's assume that you publish one pipeline to Control Hub that has an assigned pipeline label named LabelA. No other pipeline in the Control Hub pipeline repository is assigned the pipeline label LabelA. You delete all versions of the pipeline assigned LabelA. When you click the Toggle Filter Column icon () to filter pipelines by label, LabelA is listed as an available filter even though it is not assigned to any pipeline in the repository. You can delete this label from Control Hub.

Note: To remove labels or assign new labels, configure the Labels property on the General tab of the pipeline or fragment.

To delete pipeline labels that are no longer in use:

  1. In the Navigation panel, click Pipeline Repository > Pipelines.
  2. Click the More icon (), and then click Manage Pipeline Labels.
  3. Select a pipeline label that is not assigned to a pipeline or fragment, and click the Delete icon: .
  4. In the confirmation window, click Delete.