Shutting Down Control Hub

You can shut down and then manually launch Control Hub to apply changes to the Control Hub configuration files.
Note: Any registered Data Collectors that are running at the time of the Control Hub shutdown continue to run remote pipeline instances in Control Hub disconnected mode. The Data Collectors maintain the offsets for the running pipelines and update Control Hub with the latest offsets as soon as they reconnect to Control Hub.
To shut down when Control Hub is started as a service, use the required command for your operating system:
  • For CentOS 6.x, Oracle Linux 6.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, or Ubuntu 14.04, use:
    service dpm stop
  • For CentOS 7.x, Oracle Linux 7.x, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x, use:
    systemctl stop dpm
To shut down when Control Hub is started manually from the tarball, use the Control Hub process ID in the following command:
kill <process ID>