Use the following tips for help with job management:

I get the following aggregated metrics warning when I monitor a job:
Aggregated metrics for the job are not available as individual pipeline metrics are discarded.
The job includes a pipeline that is configured to discard statistics. To monitor aggregated statistics and metrics, you must configure the pipeline to write statistics to Control Hub or to another system.
Edit the pipeline to configure it to write statistics, then publish the updated pipeline. You'll need to stop the job, and then edit the job so that it includes the latest published version of the pipeline. Then, you can start the job again.
For more information, see Pipeline Statistics.
I get the following permission enforcement warning when I monitor a job:
Permission enforcement is enabled for this organization, but the following Data Collectors do not support it: <Data Collector URL>
Permission enforcement is enabled for your organization, but the job is active on a Data Collector version earlier than that does not support pipeline permissions.
Data Collector version introduces pipeline sharing and permissions. An earlier version of Data Collector can run pipelines for the job, but does not support permissions. To enforce pipeline permissions, upgrade to Data Collector version or later.
A job fails to start with the following error message:
Number of instances: <number> are more than number of matching Data Collectors: <number>
The Number of Instances property for the job is set to a value greater than the number of available Data Collectors. When you start a job, Control Hub can run only a single pipeline instance on each available Data Collector.
Edit the job to set the number of instances to a value less than the number of available Data Collectors and then start the job again. For more information, see Number of Pipeline Instances.
One of the remote pipeline instances run from my job has stopped. How can I view the logs for that pipeline?
When you monitor a job, you can view the logs for any remote pipeline instance run from the job. In the top toolbar of the job monitoring page, click the View Logs icon (), and then select the Data Collector instance for which you want to view pipeline logs.
Control Hub logs you into the selected Data Collector instance, displaying the logs for the remote pipeline instance run on that Data Collector.