Referencing Fields

To reference a first-level field in a record, you simply specify the field name. Transformer does not perform the case-sensitive evaluation of field names within a pipeline.

For example, to deduplicate data based on an ID field, you configure a Deduplicate processor to deduplicate based on fields. Then, you can specify ID, Id, iD, or id as the field to use.

To reference a field within a MAP field, use dot notation (.) to specify the path to the field, as follows:
<top level>.<next level>.<next level>.<field to use>

For example, customer.transactions.2019.

To reference an item in a LIST field, use bracket notation ([#]) to indicate the position in a list. Use 0 to indicate the first item in the list, 1 to indicate the second, and so on.

For example, to reference the second item in an appt_date LIST field, enter appt_date[1].