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Open Source Data Pipelines

StreamSets Data Collector

Use the open source StreamSets Data Collector to build, test, run and maintain batch and streaming pipelines. Data Collector pipelines require minimal schema specification and handle data drift automatically.

  • Visual UI with pre-built sources, destinations and transformations.
  • Runs standalone or scales via YARN, Mesos or Kubernetes
  • Build, preview, run and monitor real-time performance.
  • Lightweight Edge version runs in > 5 MB

Enterprise Data Integration

StreamSets DataOps Platform

The StreamSets DataOps Platform provides a centralized cloud-native environment for the design, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of architectures comprising dozens or hundreds of pipelines.

  • Collaborative design of multi-pipeline topologies.
  • Live data movement map with real-time monitoring and drill down.
  • High-availability, access control and enterprise-grade security.
  • Detect and protect sensitive data and PII in-stream.
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