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Sync Data from SQL Server to Snowflake in Minutes

Get updates from SQL Server to Snowflake for real-time data analysis with an intuitive cloud-based platform.

Real-time, Codeless SQL Server Data Sync with Snowflake

With a powerful, drag and drop editor, ETL your data from Microsoft SQL Server to Snowflake in minutes and keep it up to date without the headache of writing and maintaining ETL scripts.

Embrace a Single Experience for All Design Patterns

StreamSets is the only data integration platform that supports all data movement (batch, streaming, CDC) in a single environment. Take advantage of a single, easy-to-use tool for all workloads that is proven to accelerate delivery efforts 10X. Speed up build time with automated schema replication, a drag-and-drop interface, and 60+ prebuilt processors to enrich your data.


Avoid Breakages

With StreamSets’ patented data drift technology, dramatically reduce reactive break-fix and maintenance efforts. Build smart data pipelines that proactively address unforeseen pipeline changes. Decouples pipelines and stages minimize the impact of data drift while automatic drift detection and advanced record handling give you more control over your changing data.

Kafka Data Formats

Maintain Control of Your Environment

Securely move data into the cloud with StreamSets secure engines so you can operate and monitor all data pipelines in one place for full visibility across all environments: on-premise/self managed, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud environments.

data operations

Our customers run millions of data pipelines using StreamSets

Build Your SQL Server to Snowflake Pipeline. It's easy.

Need to start replicating your Microsoft SQL Server data? Your SQL Server replication to Snowflake project just got a whole lot easier.

StreamSets Monitor Data Pipeline Video Screenshot

Simplify Your Data Sync Between SQL Server and Snowflake

Easy to Start, Easy
to Run, Easy to Expand

Handle Data
Drift Automatically

Deploy Securely
in Any Environment

What Our Customers Say

“By moving to the cloud with StreamSets and by leveraging their big data ecosystem, we can finally use all of our data and break down the silos we’ve struggled with in the past.”
Jean-Marie Bertoncelli, Big Data and Analytics Architect
“DataOps makes my life easier. In short, data engineers don’t just do development, they can actively monitor and make continuous improvement changes to data pipelines.”
Jeffrey Jennings, Senior Data Strategy Architect, TalentFulfilled
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