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Reliable Data Ingestion for HPE

Enable faster, more informed decision making with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Accelerate & Scale Your Analytics by Streaming Data Into Ezmeral

Analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are enabling organizations to become data-driven, which drives customer satisfaction and business innovation. However, to achieve success, users of these technologies require access to diverse data types, systems, and solutions.

Ezmeral Data Fabric unifies different data types across edge, multi-cloud, and core deployments into a logical data backbone. With the Ezmeral Data Fabric, companies can easily migrate and manage their data assets in a secure, scalable and flexible platform that supports faster, more informed decision making. 

Building and supporting data pipelines into modern data & analytics platforms that perform best with the most current, diverse and constantly evolving data sources can be challenging, time-consuming and often frustrating to maintain. StreamSets is a tested and trusted commercial data integration platform for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric. 

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Hewlett Packard Ezmeral Technology Partner
Implement advanced analytics and data intelligence across the enterprise
Build your foundational layer for analytics, AI, and ML
Reduce costs and risks associated with integrating into existing security frameworks

Transform Your Business with Ezmeral Use Cases

ezmeral cloud migration

Migrate from On-prem to Ezmeral

StreamSets provides an intuitive, scalable & secure platform for data practitioners to connect and integrate data from various sources and formats into HPE Ezmeral.

data analytics and machine learning

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Ezmeral provides a comprehensive set of tools and technologies for data analytics and machine learning. StreamSets ensures virtually all enterprise data can be ingested, consistently and reliably and then merged, mixed and transformed as desired to support any analytics use case.

edge computing

Edge Computing

StreamSets helps ingest data from a wide range of sources at the edge, while Ezmeral enables organizations to process and analyze data closer to the sources, reducing latency and improving decision-making.

Power of Ezmeral Data Fabric without the Complexity

Detect and Respond to Data Drift

Other tools let you do data integration into Ezmeral. But those data pipelines break when the unexpected happens, and they are hard to move to new data processing and cloud platforms. Only StreamSets features smart data pipelines with built-in data drift detection and handling, and a hybrid cloud architecture, so that your operations run smoothly despite constant change.

Watch: Avoid Data Drift in Your Cloud Data Warehouse
man reviewing data for drift

Drive Adaptive Intelligence

Ezmeral promotes adaptive intelligence through autonomous capabilities, making it easier for businesses to implement advanced analytics and data intelligence across their enterprise. Leveraging StreamSets to move data into Ezmeral provides real-time data processing and integration capabilities. This allows for faster data ingestion, processing, and analysis, further enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions more quickly and efficiently.

adaptive intelligence on tablet

Provides a 360-degree View of Data

StreamSets and Ezmeral work together to provide a comprehensive and holistic view of data by combining files, objects, databases, as well as real-time and batch streams into a logical data backbone. This forms the foundational layer that is required for analytics, AI, and ML, allowing data teams to quickly and efficiently identify trends.

360 view of data

Lifting the Lid on the Hidden Data Integration Problem

Under-resourced technical teams struggle to keep up with business requests for data without ceding control, while business teams must have their data on demand to stay competitive. See solutions that reduce frustrations.
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StreamSets and HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

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