StreamSets Data Operations Platform

Conquer Dataflow Chaos.

The StreamSets Data Operations Platform is the only platform designed to simplify how to build, execute, operate and protect dataflows for the enterprise. Built on an open source core, this Data Operations Platform allows developers build batch and streaming dataflows easily and with a minimum of code, while operators use a cloud-native product to aggregate dozens or hundreds of dataflows into topologies and manage them centrally with live visibility and control over performance.

Data Operations Challenges with Managing Dataflows

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    Data Sprawl

    Big data processing systems—be they open source or commercial products—come with their own upgrade cadence and interdependencies making them difficult to manage.

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    Data Drift

    Unexpected alteration of schema and semantics undermines the quality of dataflows and wreaks havoc with downstream applications.

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    Data Urgency

    Business users expect that data can be put to use within minutes or even seconds of it having been spawned at the source.

Together, data sprawl, data drift and data urgency create a nightmare for managing data movement across the enterprise, with the complexity in each layer combining to create dataflow chaos.

Take a Data Operations Approach to Dataflow Pipelines


Simplify development cycles and build dataflow pipelines in minutes, not days or months.


Deploy and execute when and where you want to optimize the economics of your architecture.


Architectures are constantly changing and require enforcement of stringent SLAs.


New sources bring in sensitive personal data that must be dealt with before being stored.

Many sources. Many destinations. Many workloads.

Common Use Cases

Data Lake Replatforming

Simplify your migration to Hadoop, rationalize your data warehouse spend & build hybrid cloud architectures.


Ingest from new data sources like network systems and endpoints to detect advanced persistent threats and improve forensics.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Stream data from IoT devices, ingest and compute at the edge, and enable predictive maintenance for connected devices.

Real-time Applications

Enable stream processing and mix batch and streaming into converged workloads to modernize existing applications.


Detect and secure personal data in-stream for HIPAA, GDPR and PCI compliance.

Our Products


Data Collector

An award-winning open source software for development of data pipelines.

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Data Collector Edge

Ultralight, at-scale data ingestion and analytics for edge systems.

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Control Hub

Collaborative development, automated deployment and governance of data pipelines.

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StreamSets Dataflow

Performance Manager

A cloud-architected comprehensive control panel to manage live performance of data movements.

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Data Protector

Discover, secure and govern sensitive data “in-flight”, before it lands.

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