StreamSets Data Operations Platform

Conquer dataflow chaos by tackling the new facts of life for enterprise data, namely data sprawl, data drift and data urgency.

The StreamSets data operations platform is built on an open source core, StreamSets Data Collector, with which you can build batch and streaming dataflows easily and with a minimum of code, plus StreamSets DPM, a cloud-native product  which lets you aggregate dozens or hundreds of dataflows into topologies that you manage centrally with live visibility and control over performance.


Data Collector

An award-winning open source software for development of data pipelines.

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StreamSets Dataflow

Performance Manager

A cloud-architected comprehensive control panel to manage live performance of data movements.

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Key features of the platform include:

A living data map to conquer data sprawl. Constantly up-to-date dataflow visibility allows you to apply continuous integration and continuous deployment methods to data movement.

Smart pipelines to conquer data drift – inspecting data and detecting and resolving unexpected changes on the fly before the data is stored.

Performance management to conquer data urgency – setting and enforcing Data SLAs that ensure business rules for quality and timeliness are met.

Cloud native – runs on our cloud, your cloud or on-premise.

StreamSets Data Collector is deployed on edge, on-cluster or in the cloud to move data from big data sources to numerous destinations through smart pipelines. StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager (DPM) acts as a single point of operational management for all data movement, providing a living data map of the flows and Data SLAs that ensure data meets business requirements for availability and accuracy.