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StreamSets Data Collector on AWS Marketplace

Fast data ingestion with change data capture designed for the AWS stack

AWS Marketplace

Get Started on the AWS Marketplace

Go directly to StreamSets Data Collector on AWS Marketplace

Or search for StreamSets Data Collector

Click continue or select and start building pipelines

Simplify Databricks on AWS Marketplace with StreamSets

Native Integrations to Amazon Web Services

Power your AWS data projects with rapid data integration and transformations.

Fast Data Ingestion for Amazon Kinesis
Fast Data Ingestion for Amazon S3
Fast Data Ingestion for Amazon RDS
Fast Data Ingestion for Amazon EMR
Fast Data Ingestion for Amazon Redshift
Fast Data Ingestion for ElasticSearch

How We Can Help

CDC from MySQL to Delta Lake

Create Dynamic Dataflow Pipelines for Streaming Data

Quickly build streaming data pipelines, read records from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and write them to MySQL on Amazon RDS.

Ingest Salesforce Data into Delta Lake

Manage Data Movement after Initial Load into Snowflake

Ingest web server logs, synchronize, and enrich continuous dataflows into Snowflake Cloud Data Platform for exploration and analysis.

Design Patterns for Slowly Changing Data

Design Change Data Capture Jobs

Design change data capture (CDC) jobs where new information is added, and the table structures and columns get updated automatically.

Deploy Data Collector in Minutes

StreamSets for Databricks on AWS Marketplace
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