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Building Data Pipelines with StreamSets Data Collector

Build data pipelines for batch, streaming, and change data capture in minutes

Getting Started Videos for Building Data Pipelines

Ingest streaming tweets using HTTP Client origin, perform transformations, and send the transformed twitter data to Kafka.

Design streaming change data capture (CDC) jobs to automatically update table structures and columns when new information is added mid stream from Oracle to Snowflake.

Set up rules to monitor data pipelines for data drift: changes in data structure, data semantics, and infrastructures.

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Try StreamSets Data Collector

Design and run data pipelines in minutes with an easy-to-use modern execution engine and 100+ pre-built connectors

Modernize Your Data Integration Practice

Modern data integration helps you unlock the potential of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI with the skills you have today and deliver quickly on self-service, scaling, and optimization of cloud services. Learn how StreamSets speeds data integration for data lakes and data warehouses for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our high-performance execution engines combined with a powerful management hub give you the flexibility and resiliency you need to deliver continuous data in the face of constant change.

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