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Download StreamSets Data Collector

Data ingestion tool to easily move data between any source and destination

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StreamSets Data Collector

Apache License 2.0

Current Release : 3.16.0 | Release Date : May 22, 2020 | Release Notes

Download StreamSets Data Collector to move data between any source and destination. Design and run data pipelines in minutes with easy-to-use data ingestion tool. 

What you can do with StreamSets Data Collector:

  • Design and run continuous data pipelines for structured or unstructured datasets
  • Monitor data flow metrics with built-in data flow sensors and observers
  • Automate data drift handling for common design patterns like CDC, ETL, real-time ML, and streaming ingestion into data lakes

When you need to use data sources beyond core stages, you will be prompted to activate Data Collector. Activation is free of charge. Simply enter a valid email address to receive an activation code. 

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