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Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

Include mainframe data in your cloud analytics efforts easily and securely.

Easy and Intuitive Access to Mainframe Data

An increasing number of organizations are realizing data found in their mainframe systems can provide the next level insight to increase sales, improve operations, identify fraud, improve reporting and more. StreamSets Mainframe Collector is the only solution that captures data through a lightweight listener to avoid high additional costs, fits into and extends existing security policies, and presents data in a relational format so that users can easily understand and include the data in their cloud analytics efforts.

Fast and easy installation (in hours vs days or weeks)

Adapts to existing mainframe security policies, which eliminates unnecessary changes

Reliable delivery to modern cloud data platforms

Mainframe Connector Software

Liberate Your Mainframe Data

To Any Cloud Data Platform Including, AWS, Azure, Google, Snowflake and Databricks

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What Does This Mean for You?

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Improve Reporting and Analytics Efforts by Including More Strategic Data

A more efficient and secure way to bring mainframe and legacy data into your cloud data warehouse or data lake.  Empower any user (Analysts, Customers, Suppliers…) with self service access to the data they’re authorized to use. Accelerate strategic data initiatives.

Identify and Include Strategic Data Sources and Cloud Destinations, and Build/Monitor Pipelines Accordingly

Mainframe and non-relational data sources (Adabas, IMS, VSAM, RMS) can be difficult to access and integrate data for consumption in modern platforms. This often means time consuming delays with data extracts or simply no access at all.

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Ensure Uptime, Efficiency, and Reliability in Mainframe Design

Rely on a solution that provides minimal to no system disruption. Minimize new usage peaks and keep costs under control.

Adapt to and Extend Existing Security Policies and Governance Frameworks

Alternative approaches often require changes that require changing or updating existing security and governance frameworks which increases complexity and introduces new risks. Rely on a solution that maintains data security and governance standards. 

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StreamSets Mainframe Collector

Easily include your mainframe data in your cloud data analytics platform.

Data Engineering for DataOps on AWS
Data Engineering for DataOps on Azure
Data Engineering for DataOps on Google Cloud
Data Engineering for DataOps on Snowflake
Data Engineering for DataOps on Databricks

Awards and Recognition

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Modernize Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

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