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Simplify Data Transformations in Snowflake

Build, operate and monitor data transformation jobs for the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Native Data Transformations for the Data Cloud

With StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake, data practitioners can take their data transformation to the next level. Users are no longer limited to SQL and can adopt a no-code approach with an intuitive design canvas to make data transformation and cleansing easy. StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake streamlines your data transformation process, helping you get more value of your Data Cloud than ever before. 

StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake is designed for any data practitioner as well as less technical users to build ELT and data transformation pipelines that execute natively on Snowflake.

Explore the full potential of Snowflake capabilities

Execute in your Data Cloud to maximize performance and minimize costs

Ensure data observability across the entire lifecycle 

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Built for Snowflake

StreamSets is a proud Snowflake Premier Technology Partner, making the most of your Snowflake investment.

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Accelerate Your Data Cloud Development

Simplify Apache Spark For ETL For Everyone

Empower Self-service and Collaboration

Transformer for Snowflake enables users to effortlessly share and reuse transformation jobs, schedule workflows, and collaborate effectively across teams. It is designed to be intuitive and familiar, seamlessly extending the Snowflake experience. By expertly handling the intricacies of SQL syntax and functions, we save users valuable time in onboarding new team members, allowing them to quickly realize the immense value of Snowflake.

Download: Data Engineers Handbook for Snowflake

In-Place Transformations

Modify and manipulate your data directly within Snowflake, without the need to extract, transform, and load it elsewhere. This eliminates the cost and complexity associated with moving data in and out of Snowflake. By enabling seamless transformations within Snowflake’s data cloud, StreamSets Transformer empowers you to streamline data processing pipelines and accelerate insights while maximizing efficiency.  

Bigspark’s Journey to Cloud Data Transformation
Visibility Into Apache Spark Executions

The StreamSets Platform

Build smart data pipelines in minutes and deploy across hybrid and multi-cloud platforms from a single log in.

Data Engineering For DataOps On AWS
Data Engineering For DataOps On Azure
Data Engineering For DataOps On Google Cloud
Data Engineering For DataOps On Snowflake
Data Engineering For DataOps On Databricks

StreamSets & Snowflake Partnership

StreamSets is proud to be a Premier Technology Partner with Snowflake and has completed a 3rd party technical validation to confirm integrations with Snowflake are optimized with an emphasis on functional and performance best practices. StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake is built on Snowpark to enable both the expressiveness and flexibility of Snowpark’s multi-language support, as well as the simplicity of data cloud operations.

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