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GSK consolidated all of their R&D data into a single location to improve drug discovery. Their architecture includes over a million dataflow pipelines created using StreamSets.

Healthcare companies around the world are faced with a new mandatory challenge to digitize the wide breadth of medical records, instrument medical devices for predictive capabilities, and optimize health care delivery at facilities all over the world. This is challenging because much medical data is highly unstructured, may be streaming, and often produce lots of noisy data. Healthcare companies must scale to meet the demands of using more data while owning a strategy to handle chaotic dataflows as they proliferate.

At the same time, data protection and masking of PII data is a required capability for many organizations. StreamSets helps healthcare companies leverage new data sources like streaming while ensure data is protected in-motion.

Common Challenges for Healthcare Companies

  • Healthcare companies want to have a full 360 degree picture of a patient's health but often time that information spans systems and is silo'd in separate locations.
  • Disparate data and semantics makes it complex to combine enterprise data and retain reliability.
  • Inspecting, detection and acting on personally identifiable information (PII) in stream is impossible to hand code and relying on solutions focused on data at rest leaves you exposed to non-compliance, fines and brand damage.

Healthcare Use Cases

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