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Splunk is a great tool for searching and analyzing machine-generated data, particularly in cybersecurity use cases. As machine data grows, however, Splunk can quickly get filled with redundant or irrelevant data, driving up costs without adding value.

StreamSets works with companies across industries to help them get more out of their Splunk deployments. By filtering redundant or unnecessary data scattered across logs, StreamSets helps send only the data that matters to Splunk, helping reduce costs by up to 50%. Users also leverage StreamSets broad connectivity to leading data systems to open up new analytics possibilities so you can get more out of Splunk.

StreamSets DataOps platform brings new and unique capabilities to any Splunk architecture. With native Splunk integration, wide connectivity to leading data systems like Apache Kafka and Hadoop, built-in data transformation processing, and comprehensive data protection, StreamSets allows you to build change resistant dataflow pipelines for getting the most out of Splunk.

Common Splunk Challenges

  • Difficult or cost prohibitive to store full fidelity data in Splunk
  • Limited analytics leads to lost insight
  • Risk and compliance exposures when sensitive data is hidden within log data

Helpful Resources for Optimizing Splunk

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