Qualcomm Guide to StreamSets


Stream IoT Data and Improve Equipment Reliability

Why StreamSets for Predictive Maintenance?

StreamSets for Predictive Maintenance at Qualcomm

Liberate the movement of data across connected devices for advanced IoT analytics

StreamSets Partners for Success

StreamSets partners with MapR and is tightly integrated with the MapR platform. Watch the demo of how together, StreamSets and MapR can enable robust connected factory solutions for IoT insight.

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Learn More About How StreamSets is Empowering IoT Analytics

Build. Execute. Operate. Protect.


Data Collector Edge

Ultralight, at-scale data ingestion and analytics for edge systems.


Data Collector

An award-winning open source software for development of data pipelines.


Control Hub

Collaborative development, automated deployment and governance of data pipelines.


Dataflow Performance Manager

A cloud-architected comprehensive control panel to manage live performance of data movements.

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