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"This offering provides a hosted environment for StreamSets Control Hub™ As part of the StreamSets Data Operations Platform, StreamSets Control Hub (SCH) is a central point of control for all your data flow pipelines. A shared repository allows groups of teams to publish, subscribe and collaborate on pipeline development. Full lifecycle management allows you to track the version history of pipelines, giving you full control over how the development process evolves.
A cloud-based data flow designer simplifies building and deploying pipelines to diverse systems and end points in the cloud, on premises or at the edge. SCH offers full automation and provisioning capabilities regardless of system location, so it’s easy to deploy and maintain complex data flow architectures at scale. For automated deployment, SCH provides support for Kubernetes across private and public clouds. For teams looking to leverage containers as part of their deployment, data flow pipelines built on SCH can be deployed and elastically scaled from a central location."
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