Build Apache Kafka Pipelines in Minutes

No need to program script low-level frameworks like Kafka Connect. Instead, drag and drop producers and consumers into your pipelines with StreamSets.
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Kafka Enablement


Apache Kafka™ has become a popular choice for organizations looking to stream data reliably and at scale, or to simply provide centralized publish-subscribe services. Companies use it to centralize distribution of all sorts of streaming data from messages to website activity to systems logs.


Getting productive with Kafka is complicated, especially when trying to connect a variety of sources and data stores. Scripting with Kafka Connect can cause projects to become costly, drag out or fail altogether. Specialized skills are required and Kafka developers are some of the most expensive around. At runtime, Kafka lacks operational monitoring to ensure timely, trusted delivery of dataflows.

Our Solution

StreamSets comes standard with Kafka connectors that can be connected between sources, Kafka clusters and data stores using a drag-and-drop UI. Our Control Hub lets you build many-to-many topologies that include Kafka and other popular platforms. You get disciplined pipeline deployment including version control and historical comparisons. Live monitoring, end-to-end metrics and SLAs ensure data availability and quality as well as rules-based handling of sensitive data.

Create Apache Kafka Pipelines in Minutes
Apache Kafka Made Dead Easy: Modern Data Ingestion Best Practices

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