Support Policy

StreamSets Support Policy

StreamSets offers support services for the Products (“Support”) in accordance with the following terms:

  1. Product Support
    1. Issue Submission and Customer Cooperation. Customer may report errors or abnormal behavior of the Products (“Issues”) by submitting a ticket through StreamSets’ 24-hour web ticketing system at Customer may also escalate the Issue via a request through the support ticket. Customer will provide information and cooperation to StreamSets as reasonably required for StreamSets to provide Support. This includes, without limitation, providing the following information to StreamSets regarding the Issue:
      ● Aspects of the Products that are unavailable or not functioning correctly
      ● Issue’s impact on users
      ● Start time of Issue
      ● List of steps to reproduce Issue
      ● Relevant log files or data
      ● Wording of any error message
      ● Issue ID# (when specified by StreamSets)

      As part of its cooperation obligations, Customer must designate an individual to perform problem determination and implementation of remedies who is (a) knowledgeable about the operation of the Products and the hardware on which it may be installed and (b) qualified to perform problem determination and remedial functions with respect to the Products.

    2. Support Levels. For such period as Customer has paid the applicable annual fee, StreamSets shall provide Customer with Support consisting of the following:
      1. Silver Support. (a) Support hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday through Friday (excluding StreamSets holidays); (b) Issue submission from up to four (4) designated employees of Customer (“Technical Contacts”) and (c) StreamSets Support personnel assign a priority level to each Issue in their sole discretion and seek to provide responses to Issues during support hours in accordance with the table below.
      2. Gold Support. (a) Support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; (b) Issue submission from up to eight (8) Technical Contacts and (c) StreamSets Support personnel assign a priority level to each Issue in their sole discretion and seek to provide responses to Issues during support hours in accordance with the table below.
      3. Platinum Support. Same as Gold Support but includes Issue submission from up to sixteen (16) Technical Contacts.
        Priority LevelDescriptionTarget Response Times
        Silver SupportGold SupportPlatinum Support
        Priority 1An Issue which renders the Product inoperative with the Customer’s production system or Customer’s production functionality. This does not apply to Customer’s non-production systems. Customer cannot continue essential operations8 Business Hours*2 Hours1 Hour
        Priority 2An Issue in a production environment which significantly impacts the performance of a Product but does not cause complete inoperability. Production operations can continue in a restricted fashion and a workaround may be used to restore functionality. Additionally, this applies to any Issue in a non-production environment which causes a significant loss of capability or severe outage thereby completely blocking development operations and/or causing a time-sensitive impact to a planned production deployment.2 Business Days*24 Hours12 Hours
        Priority 3A lower impact Issue on a production or non-production system that involves a partial or limited loss of non-critical functionality, or some other Issue involving no loss in functionality. This applies to all of Customer’s systems, including test and development systems. Customer can continue essential operations.3 Business Days*3 Business Days*2 Business Days*
        Priority 4A general usage question. This includes recommendations or requests for new products, features, enhancements or modifications that may be included in a future release, at StreamSets’ discretion. There is no impact on the quality, performance, or functionality of the product in a production or non-production system.3 Business Days*3 Business Days*3 Business Days*

        * Business hours and business days are defined according to two time zones – Pacific Standard Time for customers in the Americas and Central European Time for customers in other regions. Holidays are excluded.

    3. Exclusions. StreamSets will have no obligation to provide Support to the extent an Issue arises from: (a) use of the Product by Customer in a manner not authorized in the Agreement or the applicable Documentation; (b) general Internet problems, force majeure events or other factors outside of StreamSets’ reasonable control; (c) Customer’s equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure; (d) third party systems, acts or omissions; (e) evaluation Products or other Products provided at no charge; (f) any version of the Software for which Maintenance services have been discontinued by StreamSets; (g) any physical installation or removal of Software; (h) visits to Customer’s site; or (i) any software code licensed separately by StreamSets from the Software, including, without limitation, consulting code, unless generally made available to StreamSets’ Support and Maintenance customers at no additional charge for the applicable Software.
  2. Software Maintenance
    1. Version Scheme. StreamSets software releases are versioned using the following scheme: X.Y.Z (“Version Scheme”). X designates the Major Version number, Y the Minor Version number, and Z the Patch/Bug Fix version number. Hotfixes are not assigned to a specific slot in the Version Scheme, as they may be distributed without updates to any version numbers.
    2. Definitions.
      1. Major Releases” means generally commercially released major new releases, modifications or enhancements to the same Software product as designated by a change in the number assigned as X in the Version Scheme. Major Releases do not include separate or different products marketed by StreamSets under a different name even if such products are compatible with the Software. Major Releases typically are made once every twelve (12) months.
      2. Minor Releases” means generally commercially released code corrections, patches, updates and minor version releases of the same Software product as designated by a change in the number assigned as Y in the Version Scheme. Minor Releases are typically made once per quarter.
      3. Patch/Bug Fixes” means minor changes to the Software to correct any bugs or flaws or generally improve the Software, as designated by a change in the number assigned as Z in the Version Scheme. Patch/Bug Fixes are released as patches at StreamSets’ discretion.
      4. Hotfixes” means immediate changes made to the Software in extraordinary cases to resolve critical issues.
    3. Maintenance. Customer will be provided with Major and Minor Releases of the same Software product(s) licensed by Customer (“Maintenance”).
    4. Back Support and End of Life Policy. Support and Maintenance is provided for (i) the current Major Release, (ii) each preceding Major Release for the longer of (a) eighteen (18) months after its general release or (b) the release date of the second subsequent Major Release following such Major Release and (iii) all Minor Releases under a supported Major Release. If none of the conditions in the preceding sentence are met, the Software has reached its End of Life (“EOL”). For example, if a Major Release were made available on January 1, 2015, then it would be supported until June 30, 2016, even if 7 Major Releases are made available in that period. Similarly, if only two Major Releases are made available over a three-year period, then both will be supported throughout that period. The Software will reach its End of Service Life (“EOSL”) six (6) months after the EOL. Until the EOSL (provided Customer has a current subscription to Support and Maintenance), if Customer has identified a defect in a Major Release that has reached EOL, StreamSets will evaluate fixing the defect in a release that has not reached EOL. After the EOSL, StreamSets will not support, in any way, a Major Release or any Minor Releases of that Major Release.
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