Webinar: How Cox Automotive Built a Self-Service Data Exchange

Featuring Nate Swetye & Michael Gay from Cox Automotive

With StreamSets, you’re in good company


“We analyze behavior of the 100 million+ visitors who cross the Lithium platform monthly and log more than 12 billion daily interactions as part of our Klout algorithm, all to make sure we are continually improving the experience for customers. Streamsets augments this by identifying events quickly and accurately for the businesses we work with, so that they can react appropriately to the needs of their customers. StreamSets Data Collector is the centerpiece of our enterprise message fabric. It allows us to easily ingest and route terabytes of log data daily into a unified community firehose and actively performance manage the latency and quality of these data flows”

Sunil Rajaseka

Chief Technical Officer


“Cisco will use StreamSets to more easily uphold its SaaS customers’ expectations of data pipeline flexibility and uptime. We are constantly adding products and services to our Intercloud offering. StreamSets automatically handles such infrastructure changes, and provides intelligent monitoring and dynamic shaping of our internal operational logs as well as multi-datacenter data ingestion logs to help us meet strict service level agreements for our development team as well as future customers.”

Ken Owens

Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Services


“We are excited about the open source launch of StreamSets Data Collector. Data ingest — getting data into a big data platform — is obviously critical. By collaborating with customers, partners and the community through open source, StreamSets will make ingest faster, more flexible and easier. We're also very happy to welcome StreamSets to the Cloudera Connect program. By certifying on Cloudera, StreamSets helps our customers and partners ingest more data, more rapidly and more reliably into an enterprise data hub.”

Mike Olsona

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

gaurav gupta elastic.co

“Search is the natural way to consume unstructured data, reliable data ingest is critical to ensuring an optimal search and analytics experience. We are delighted to support StreamSets open source launch of Data Collector and look forward to a partnership that creates value for our mutual customers.”.”

Gaurav Gupta

VP Product

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