Data Collector Documentation

Data Collector Stages:

Origins, ProcessorsDestinations, and Executors

Data Formats by Stage:

Origins and Destinations

Advanced Configuration

Runtime Properties and Runtime Resources

Working with DPM

(Dataflow Performance Manager)

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What’s New in Version

Here are the new features and enhancements in For a list of bug fixes and known issues, see the Release Notes.

Field Zip processor

Salesforce Lookup processor

Value Replacer enhancement

Whole file support in the Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store destination

What’s New in Version

Here are some of the great new features in For a full list of new features and enhancements, see What’s New. For a list of bug fixes and known issues, see the Release Notes.

Event framework  with new executor stages

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store destination  

Google Bigtable destination

Salesforce origin, Salesforce destination, and Wave Analytics destination

Spark Evaluator processor

MySQL Binary Log origin

Expression language functions for file paths, pipeline information, and datetime data

Want a quick introduction to Data Collector?

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