Control Hub Configuration

You can customize how a Data Collector works with StreamSets Control Hub by editing the Control Hub configuration file,

Use a text editor to edit the Control Hub configuration file, $SDC_CONF/ To enable the changes, restart Data Collector.

The Data Collector configuration file includes the following general properties:

General Property Description
dpm.enabled Specifies whether the Data Collector is enabled to work with Control Hub.

Default is false.

dpm.base.url Base URL to access Control Hub. Enter the appropriate URL:
  • For Control Hub cloud, use
  • For Control Hub on-premises, use the URL provided by your system administrator. For example, https://<hostname>:18631.
dpm.registration.retry.attempts Maximum number of times that Data Collector attempts to register with Control Hub before failing the registration.

Default is 5. Frequency in seconds that Data Collector validates authentication and user tokens with Control Hub.

Default is 60.

dpm.appAuthToken File located within $SDC_CONF, the Data Collector configuration directory, that includes the authentication token for this Data Collector instance.

Generally, you should not need to change this value.

dpm.remote.control.job.labels Labels to assign to this Data Collector. Use labels to group Data Collectors registered with Control Hub. To assign multiple labels, enter a comma-separated list of labels.

Default is "all", which you can use to run a job on all registered Data Collectors. Frequency in milliseconds that Data Collector notifies Control Hub that it is running.

Default is 5,000. Name of the internal Control Hub messaging queue to which Data Collector sends events.

Do not change this value. Frequency in milliseconds that Data Collector informs Control Hub of the status of all local and published pipelines that are running on this Data Collector.

Default is 60,000. For provisioned Data Collectors, the ID of the deployment that provisioned the Data Collector.

For manually administered Data Collectors, the value is blank.

Do not change this value.