Field Remover

The Field Remover processor removes fields from records. Use the processor to discard field data that you do not need in the pipeline.

When you configure the processor, you specify the list of fields to remove.

Configuring a Field Remover Processor

Configure a Field Remover processor to remove fields from records.

  1. In the Properties panel, on the General tab, configure the following properties:
    General Property Description
    Name Stage name.
    Description Optional description.
    Cache Data Caches processed data so the data can be reused for multiple downstream stages. Use to improve performance when the stage passes data to multiple stages.

    Caching can limit pushdown optimization when the pipeline runs in ludicrous mode.

  2. On the Remove/Keep tab, click the Add icon and then enter the name of the field to remove.
  3. To remove an additional field, click the Add icon and specify another field name.