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Ad Astra: Reducing Time to Deliver Client Results from Months to Weeks

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The StreamSets platform has allowed Ad Astra to continue focusing on higher education by providing an efficient means to ingest data, simplify their overall data operations, and reduce the burden placed on their development teams.


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Ad Astra is higher education’s solution partner in managing the academic enterprise. Partnering with more than 500 colleges, universities, and systems nationwide, Ad Astra helps improve stewardship of instructional resources, streamline student access to courses, and accelerate student completions.

To help schools and students together, Ad Astra pulls large volumes of data from multiple student information systems. This ERP holds 90% or more data for a school, including information on students and instructors, classes, student history, and financial information.

When college deans and other staff start building class schedules at the beginning of a semester, there are countless times when they run into bugs within the ERP, which require lengthy SLAs (usually months at a time) to fix, causing a rippling effect that would eventually impact students. They needed a reliable way to solve these data ingestion challenges so students and the educational institutions could better engage with one another.

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