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Power Real-time Applications and Analytics

Deliver faster insights with event-based data for streaming analytics  

Modern Analytics and Applications Consume Data Constantly

Digital transformation has become a top concern for business leaders. No matter your industry, your business is fast becoming a data business, and real-time applications, embedded with the smarts of streaming analytics, are the face of change.

Streaming data helps make the perfect offer to a loyal customer, alerts a mechanic to an issue before failure, or detects a cyber threat before damage is done. Predictive analytics and real-time decision making need a constant supply of fresh data. Yesterday’s data is historical data. Combine it with right-now data for insightful action.

The StreamSets DataOps Advantage

StreamSets makes it easy to build pipelines that capture event-based data for streaming analytics and process it in-flight to fuel your real-time applications with DataOps

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Kafka Dataflows For Real-time Applications
Design Apache Kafka dataflows with a no code, visual interface
Automatically detect and respond to data drift to keep pipelines flowing
Build real-time data streams for analyzing events and predictive analytics

Flexible Hybrid and Multi-cloud Architecture

Easily migrate your work to any data platform or cloud infrastructure. 

Kafka Dataflows For Real-time Applications
Kafka Dataflows For Azure Event Hub Real-time Applications
Kafka Dataflows For Amazon Kinesis Real-time Applications
Kafka Dataflows For Databricks And Real-time Applications
Kafka Dataflows For Hadoop Real-time Applications
Kafka Dataflows For Google Cloud Real-time Applications

How It Works

Rapid Ingestion

Designed for streaming data, StreamSets DataOps Platform supports the design patterns and execution engines you need to get the freshest data from all your sources into your real-time applications and event-driven architectures (EDA).

  • Streaming data ingestion
  • Edge data shipping
  • Time series data
  • Real-time APIs
Rapid Ingestion For Real-time Applications

Transformation in Flight

Read out of any system for real time and apply lightweight transformations to power streaming analytics in flight. Call out to machine learning services or model on the fly to classify data as it streams.

Transformation In Flight For Streaming Analytics

Operationalize and Scale

StreamSets DataOps Platform gives you one place to monitor and manage all your pipelines, with second-by-second visibility into data flows so you can operate your event-driven architectures with confidence. Data performance SLAs and security policies enforced at run-time ensure the safety and reliability of your data as it flows into your real-time applications. 

Operationalize And Scale Real-time Application Data Pipelines

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